Sign up for Jane’s Walk 2009, May 2nd & 3rd

Don’t Miss Out on Jane’s Walk, Tours Selling Out – May 2 and 3

Think City is still accepting walk sign ups for our May 2 and 3 Jane’s Walk. And if you have not reviewed our Jane’s Walk page by now, you will wish you had visited sooner.

Already John Atkin, Gordon Price and Bruce Macdonald’s tours are booked out, with over 300 people signing up for walks in the first six days. The good news is more walks are being posted every day.

Join Annabel Vaughan on her tour of the ancient Leqleqi portage, a tour that grew out of a response to the public process around the development of the Carrall Street Greenway. Visit grocery stores, community gardens including a fruit orchard, a roof top garden and a Green Table accredited restaurant with Wendy Mendes and Spring Gillard. Or hear the history and the facts from the perspective of the residents of the Downtown Eastside, as well as poetry by some of their famous DTES poets, on Wendy Pederson’s tour.

For more information, visit the May 2 and May 3 Jane’s Walks on the Think City web site

UPDATE: We are also looking for volunteers to help with walks and more walk hosts, so please sign-up.

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