Gathering of Clan Tannock

My grandmother, an amazing woman, is making the trip from the UK to Toronto. I’m not sure if by coincidence or plan, my sister and her family are also in Toronto. Given that my grandmother is 94, and I’m not likely to get o the UK anytime soon, we west-coast Tannocks are off to Toronto to see my grandmother, parents, sister, nephews, niece & (probably) cousins. It might well be the largest gathering of Tannocks ever assembled (while my nephews & niece are actually Wyllies, we’ll count them for this). Liam’s pretty excited to see everyone, in particular his cousins, and I’m happy to see my family in this quick, weekend-long whirlwind of a trip. I doubt I’ll have time to see many (if any) friends while in Toronto, but hopefully we’ll squeeze in some time for that too.

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