Last Night’s Dream (too much media!)

So last night, in my dream, I was talking with Jason Fried (of 37 Signals, whom I do not know, but just read an article about) about BSG. He was complaining that it sucked, while I was arguing that we should be doing more to save Hera when in walked my sister (whom I’ve not read about, but was thinking about yesterday), with Hera, asking if I could look after her while she and Alistair (who, in my dream, looked like the pixelated sprite that he is) could go see a movie. Jason then left, and Hera and I played Carcassone. She fell ill and Dr. House came in and started growing tentacles which he used to examine her. Meanwhile, the room had shifted to some kind of O.R. and I could see a variety of my friends all sitting up in the observation room laughing, eating popcorn.

Clearly, I need a break from my media consumption!

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