The restaurant-drink conundrum

I’m working on myself. My fitness, my health, my size. I’m running, I’m cycling & walking more. I’m watching what I eat. Part of this, and a hard one for me, is eliminating pop. Well, Coke – I don’t drink any other kind of pop.

For the last, let’s say, 6 years or so, I’ve drunk roughly a can of pop (or larger) every work day. That’s a LOT of Coke. It goes a long way to explain why I’m as large as I am. But, coming back from my bike trip, I resolved to no longer drink an afternoon coke, as what has been my habit. And, funny enough, it was hard. I “snuck” a pop for the first 2 weeks a couple of days. But – none since the start of September (aside – that has produced a 5-pound drop in 2 & a bit weeks … so … yeah).

But here’s where I’m failing – eating out, lunchtimes. I don’t just want water forever – boring! But I don’t like other pop, I don’t like iced tea (unless it’s “real” unsweetened ice tea, but it never is). I don’t like most juice that isn’t fresh-squeezed.

But I want to drink something flavourful, interesting when I’m out. Sushi places are great because I really enjoy green tea. But what else is there? What do you drink when you’re out for lunch, say, and don’t want more coffee, alcohol isn’t an option & you’re not drinking pop. Do restaurants (particularly quick-stop or fast-food places) even offer an alternative?

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    1. regular. always. So I will point out that I’ve also been running, cycling, etc more…but I’d already started that in Aug….could just be cumulative effects catching up.

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