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I am a veteren web-developer. I wrote my first web site in 1994, and have been working as a professional web programmer in Vancouver since 1996, making me one of the most experienced web developers on the planet. Currently, I am a partner & technical lead at Pencilneck Software, a software development company I co-founded in 2003 along with Jeff Schafer.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, and lived there more or less uneventfully until 1995, when I moved to Vancouver to attend UBC. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in French Literature, after spending some time in a variety of other majors including history, film, creative writing and even computer science.

My professional work also enabled me to meet my wife, Leah, whom I met while working for a local company here in Vancouver. We were married in 2003 in a small ceremony in Stanley Park. In May 2005, we welcomed our son Liam into the world, joined in 2011 by our second son, Kellan.


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