Osama Bin Laden

So I’ve run across a couple of articles about Bin Laden.

This one is from globalresearch.ca.

This one is from CNN. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. The CNN article is part of a wider look at Bin Laden, as featured in the Bin Laden profile.

I’m still not even remotely convinced that he had anything to do with this. That the US government is now throwing in Saddam Hussein as a possible ringleader/financier/whatever is further adding to my doubt.

A war needs an enemy. The US needs a war. Ergo, the US needs an enemy. Prefererably one that is fairly distant and exotic so that when they bomb indiscriminantly, the ‘collateral damage‘ doesn’t make the average citizen feel too guilty.

Wow, do I ever feel cynical today.

A Question of Scruples.

Situation: You are the pilot of a commercial airliner. You are flying a plane in the wake of the World Trade Centre attack, and as such, your cockpit’s door is now 3 inches of solid steel. Nothing is getting through this door. Suddenly, on the intercom, a flight attendent informs you that a man holding a gun is threatening to kill everyone on board unless you let them into the cockpit. Do you let them in?

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So this is the very first entry of this log, that’ll hopefully grow over time.

You’ll note that the other pages really don’t exist yet. That’ll change soon, I’m sure.


Otherwise, here’s a comic I found that’s just plain bizarre: Diesel SweetiesIt’s some sort of wierd end-of-era angst strip that details our curious relationships with techonology and culture. It’s also pretty rude at times.

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