More Netscape fun!

So I just discovered that this site works in NS 2 & 3 much better than it does in NS 4. Why? Because earlier versions of netscape simply ignore all the CSS-P stuff that I do in here. It ends up with every element just appearing in a list, one after the other. Which is great! Netscape 4, however, with it’s buggy, limited support of CSS-P, correctly positions the elements, but then as it doesn’t know what to do with the overflow attribute, it can’t have that funky scrolling thing that I do. So it looks like I’ll need to have two DIV declarations : 1, for CSS-P-compatible browsers that know what to do with the overflow attributes. These ones will scroll, so that they’ll match to the existing box length. Then for NS, I won’t include a height attribute, so the box should just extend for as long as there’s text. Not sure when I’ll get to this, but sometime I will, I swear. 🙂

netscape CSS bugs.

Apparently, Netscape 4 does not support < /P > tags within a < DIV > tag. At the Vancouver Chamber Choir website, I had been trying to come as close as I could to using full XHTML syntax. I didn’t think this would break older browsers, as they should just ignore any unknown tags, no? But apparently not. Several layers were not positioning themselves correctly in NS 4.08. As soon as I removed the < /P > tags from these pages, the layers started positioning themselves as they should. At least on the PC. Unfortunately, I have neither a Mac nor a Linux box currently test this at home, but I’ll have a look-see on Monday.

HTML-design links.

So the other day I was reading through What Do I Know?, and followed the link through to A List Apart from the ‘Browser Hell’ entry. And then I was hooked. For anyone doing any sort of HTML-work, this site is a must, and will quickly become one of my regular stops. Particularly if you’re dealing with CSS-issues. These guys are certainly ‘cutting-edge’ in their proper use of markup.

Slogging through the 100-odd issues that are archived on the site, I’ve come to a decision: I will no longer try and make the sites I do work on any browser. I’m going to follow their lead and only design to conform to W3C standards. Any browser that doesn’t get the not as standards-compliant will get a friendly page telling the user that their browser sucks and that they should upgrade ASAP.

So there.

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