So I went to go see Rockstar tonight. I for the most part enjoyed it. I was, however, rather horrified to realise how many words I knew to all the songs on the soundtrack – I AM a child of the 80’s apparently. Is this movie taken from the story of Judas Priest? Wasn’t their lead singer kicked out because he was gay and replaced by the lead singer of a Judas Priest cover – sorry, tribute – band?

I am clearly a ‘sensitive, 21st century boy’, however, as the wild sex and drugs and homophobia and disrespect (and disregard) for women made me incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

I found it hilarious that of course Chris (Mark Whalberg’s character) ends up in Seattle in a proto-grunge band, and gets the full-on grunge look going on at the end of the movie. I guess the moral of the story is that wearing ratty sweaters and flannel while playing your own music is better than all the sex and drugs and fame of being in a hair band.

Markymark is, as always, decent in his role. I don’t think anyone does the surprised/confused look as well as he does, except for maybe Keanu Reeves. Mr. Whalberg, however, seems to be able to portray a couple other emotions as well. Note to Jennifer Aniston: stay out of the tanning salon for a while!

Umm…that’s nice and shallow now, eh?


So this is the very first entry of this log, that’ll hopefully grow over time.

You’ll note that the other pages really don’t exist yet. That’ll change soon, I’m sure.


Otherwise, here’s a comic I found that’s just plain bizarre: Diesel SweetiesIt’s some sort of wierd end-of-era angst strip that details our curious relationships with techonology and culture. It’s also pretty rude at times.