Think City Electoral Reform Survey

I’m reprinting this from Think City’s last email message out. Please read and participate!


Vancouver and many other BC municipalities suffer from declining voter turnout, the taint of big money influence on elections, a lack of neighbourhood accountability, and a host of other democratic challenges.

But the laws governing local elections are going to change.

Last fall, Premier Gordon Campbell announced a new local government election task force to consider sweeping legislative changes to how municipal elections are conducted in this province.

Fair Voting BC and Think City are gathering citizen views on reforms to submit to the provincial government, Vancouver city council, and the Vancouver parks board. Make sure you have your say!

  • Should there be a ban on corporate and union donations?
  • Should the city move to a neighbourhood-based or wards electoral system?
  • Should landed immigrants get the vote?
  • Should citizens directly elect representatives to regional boards (e.g., TransLink)?

The province’s task force will submit its recommendations on modernizing local government election rules to the legislature on May 30 for implementation prior to the fall 2011 civic elections.

Please go here right now to complete the 2010 Civic Electoral Reform survey by March 1, 2010.

  • TAKE ACTION: Click here to complete the survey
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