SHiNDiG 2002!

Tomorrow is the inaugural night of SHiNDiG 2002. Occuring every Tuesday Night, 9:00pm (to more-or-less midnight) at the Railway club, SHiNDiG is an excellent way to check out potentially up-and-coming bands in Vancouver, plus I’ll be there, in the odd chance you need yet another reason to show up.

The SHiNDiG website also features sample songs of the bands competing each week, so you can check out whether any of the bands are for you, if you don’t like surprises. Personally, I like surprises, so I just show up every week, ready to enjoy myself.

So come on out tomorrow (and every Tuesday afterwards). I’ll be there. For additional encouragement, the sample songs of this weeks bands are really pretty impressive.

SHiNDiG (week 4)

So last night was another edition of SHiNDiG at the Railway club.

It was not very good last night, which is a shame, as I was a judge, so I had a hard decision : which of these three bands that I didn’t like should win?

Anyhoo, the first band. ‘Disco Incognito’ was a mess of a band – mixing ska with generic metal. And just plain too loud. They’d already been asked to turn it down, and my ears were still hurting afterwards. Blegh. The second band was a one-man thing named ‘Mr. Plow’. If he wasn’t so clearly a joke, I probably would have voted him first, as he was hilarious. Really dark, bitter humor that I quite enjoy. Included songs such as ‘I hate the Tragically Hip’ and ‘Incest’, an ode to the joys thereof.

The last band, ‘0 as is’ was what you’d find if you looked up ‘no-talent pretentious prog-rock’ in the dictionary. There were definitely the most interesting, however, putting forth a bad mixture of punk and new wave. They got bonus points because their drummer played an iBook, rather than a drumset…

In the end, I voted in reverse order of appearance.

Hopefully next week will be better..

SHiNDiG, week 3!

So I missed SHiNDiG last week, my bad. I apparently didn’t miss too much, however.

This week, I managed to miss the first band, as Leah had invited some friends over in a little goodbye get together for Hao-Chun (sp?), a friend of hers who is moving to Taiwan.

Mark assures me that I didn’t miss much by describing the first band as being radio-friendly, a little like Soul Decision, only rockier. Hmm, so in other words, they sucked.

The second band, who’s name is Shrimp Meat, was great. A punk trio in the oldest sense of the word, they would’ve looked and sounded right at home at CBGB’s some 20-plus years ago in NYC. They totally rocked. A nice mix of tuneful instrumentals and catchy, intelligent lyrics. Their last song was you’re basic punk anthem called ‘Social Class Warfare’, I assume. The chorus was:

Social class warfare!

Build another fence!

Social class warfare!

Build another fence.

The song ended with the chorus, followed by: ‘you fuck!’. Anyhoo, really, really great band, who’d I’d love to see again, even if they did sound a little dated. Mm – that’s right, and dressed the part too. The bassist was a woman wearing a mesh top over a 1-shouldered thing, under a green hunting-vest. She wore cut of jean-like things over striped stockings & big-assed combat boots. Her hair was all short, except for a section on the top, that was long and kinda hanging over the side. She was even wearing big, angular, dangly earrings. All that was missing from her get-up was egyptian-influenced eye-liner and she’d be full on 1979.

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So tonight was the first night for SHiNDiG at the Railway Club. Man, was I ever ready for this tonight, after today. I couldn’t even escape empty commentary on TSN, where they were having in depth discussions about the role of sport during times like these. And EVERY channel on the TV had some sort of coverage it seemed. Made me sick. If there’s no news, don’t fucking report it. And you know what else? I could give a rat’s ass about the economy at times like these.

Anyhoo, I digress.

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