Parking Prices as social Experiment

Most time when I drive to work (not too often, but often enough in order to be able to get to pick Liam up in time from daycare), I try to park for free. If that fails (which it will do more often than not), I park in the Pivotal building on Beatty. For a long time, the parking (for downtown) was fairly reasonable – $10 for all-day parking (to 6:30). However, in th past 2 weeks, the pricing has become varied, and I wonder if they’re doing some sort of an experiment. Last week, they removed the all-day parking option. Instead, I could park 2 hours for $6, or 4 hours for $10. The parking lot was more or less deserted. Then yesterday, the $10, all-day parking was back (as well as a $4 for 2 hours and $8 for 4 hours), and the lot was chocabloc. Today (I know! driving two days in a row! I’m going to lose all green cred in no time at this rate), there was no hourly-rate option. Instead, there was one $20 until 1AM option. The lot was about half-full. I didn’t park there, either. I’m kind of curious to see what other pricing options I’ll see over the next few weeks.

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