The Results are in…

… and I lost. Really, really, really lost. I came in last place in the voting.

However, I was so thrilled by the whole experience, I can say with some certainty that I’ll do this again in three years. And hopefully then, I’ll know a little more from this time, I’ll be a little more organized, and the results will be significantly better.

My many thanks to everyone who supported me, to everyone who voted for me, and for everyone’s encouragement during this.

I’m not entirely sure what’ll happen to this blog in the short term – I’ll probably revert to my domain as primary, and will redesign. But I suspect that local politics will remain a more common presence in the posts here.


My Slate

This is one of the most difficult posts I’ve had to write, as it’s the time where I choose some friends over others in whom I’ll support, and whom I’m asking my friends and supporters to support as well. For those not selected – with a field this talented, it was inevitable some very talented people will be left off – if you’re curious as to why I chose someone else over you, please just email or call me, and I’m happy to talk you through my decision making process. Nominate these people on September 20th at Charles Tupper School.

City Council (8 Candidates)

  • George Chow – has done an excellent job these past years, I look forward to seeing what he can do with a majority.
  • Heather Deal – another incumbent who deserves re-election, she, to me, has been the most effective councilor for Vision these past three years.
  • David Eby – His passion and articulateness in dealing with serious issues have won him my support.
  • Heather Harrison – she was oh-so-close last time, and has real credibility on sustainability initiatives.
  • Raymond Louie – He was my choice for mayoral candidate, and I think he’ll be an excellent councillor still.
  • Kerry Jang – an academic with expertise and care in dealing with community mental health issues; I feel he and David Eby together round an excellent slate to help deal with the homeless and mental health crisis in vancouver
  • Andrea Reimer – An environmentalist with ridiculous amounts of energy and solid credibility.
  • Tim Stevenson – I love his slightly ‘rogue’ persona, not to mention the incredible service he’s done over the past years as a councillor.

Park Board (4 Candidates)

  • Constance Barnes – I believe that she can speak both to family & arts issues on the parks board. She also has more energy than virtually anyone I know.
  • Sarah Blyth – a passionate advocate for youth and ‘alternative’ sports, she’s shown a clear ability to generate consensus and win people over to her point of view.
  • James Gill – I don’t believe there’s another candidate at any level who knows more about the process and arcana of the park board.
  • Steven Tannock – Who else did you expect? Nominate me to restore trust to the Park Board and to bring the communication & consultation process into the 21st century.

School Board (4 Candidates)

  • Patti Bacchus – A long time advocate for children with disabilities, she’ll bring passion and a deep understanding of the VSB from her time on the other side of the fence
  • Mike Lombardi – with amazing experience and a genuine likability, his experience and skills will be critical in consensus building
  • Helesia Luke – an author, and more of a policy-wonk than the others, she likewise has long experience on PACs and child-support activism.
  • Stepan Vdovine – Previously a Board member in Maple Ridge, Stepan is young, and his youthful energy and committment is required and should be encouraged. Despite his youth, his previous Board-member experience will be critical to help the others navigate the VSB,

Important Upcoming Events!

There’s a few key Vision Nomination events that you should all be aware of:

  1. If you are unable to vote on September 20th, there is an advance poll on September 15th. The deadline to register to vote in advance is September 10th. You can apply to vote in advance online at Vision Vancouver’s site
  2. This Thursday, September 11th is the Vision Vancouver Park Board all-candidate meeting. This is your only chance to hear each of the Park Board candidates speak before the nomination meeting. The details are as follows:
    Park Board all-candidates meeting
    Thursday, September 11th, 7pm
    Fletcher Challenge Theatre, SFU Downtown (515 W. Hastings)
    Admission is free, but a ticket is required. I have a handful of tickets left to hand out, so please email me if you would like one (hello at tannock dot net).
  3. Saturday, September 20th is the Vision Nomination Meeting. The details are as follows:
    Location: Sir Charles Tupper High School (419 East 24th)
    Hours: 10am – 7pm

How to support me

I aim to be a Vancouver Park Board candidate this fall. I’m very excited to have the chance to serve the city over the next few years as a Park Board Commissioner!

However, before I can be a candidate in the civic election, I need to be nominated by my party, Vision Vancouver. The nomination meeting will be held September 20th. To be eligible to vote for me (as well as all the other excellent candidates), you must become a member of Vision by August 20th. To that end, I’m posting below the Vision Vancouver membership form (In PDF format).The best way to help me become a candidate is to fill out the form below. If you don’t want to mail it in yourself, then let me know either by phone (604 318 1956) or email (hello AT when you’ve filled it out. I’ll come to you, pick it up and hand it in to Vision on your behalf.

Click the link below to take action and support my nomination:
Vision Vancouver Membership Form

In the news…

The Vancouver Courier’s Sandra Thomas has a summary write-up of potential Vision Vancouver Park Board nominees in this week’s edition. To date, Aaron Jasper, Sarah Blyth and myself are the stated Vision hopefuls. Constance Barnes is apparently still considering whether or not to run. With the nomination meeting now set for September, it’s heads-down time as we each set our agendas and find supporters. I’m thrilled to be running alongside such talented people, and look forward to working closely with them in the years to come.

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