Kellan in the Jolly Jumper

I took a short video of Kellan bouncing in his Jolly Jumper the other day, and uploaded it to YouTube. Then I got all crazy with the cheese-whiz and tossed in a random audio track. I can’t decide which I prefer, but have a look:

Video 1 (with Baby Chatter):

Video 2 (with Music):

Liam Reads me Bedtime Stories

On a lighter note, last night Liam decided that he wanted to read me bedtime stories, rather than the other way around. I, of course, took an iPhone video of him “reading” to me:

Story 1: 10 Halloween Trick or Treaters

Story 2: Curious George at the Chocolate Factory

I had asked for “Curious George and the puppies”, but this is what I got:

He’s going to be so mad at me when he’s a teenager, isn’t he…