“make no doubt about it, we will win” – George W. Bush.

With those words, George W. has effectively declared war on … who? there is no enemy yet. No one knows who did this. Sure, they’re pointing fingers at Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist group, but American foreign policy has always needed A Person to blame (Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hussein, etc) for all sorts of various things. But a terrorist organization is not a country. Just like you can’t go to war against a drug cartel, you can’t go to war against a terrorist group – they do not have borders, capitals, etc. to bomb. They may have the odd camp somewhere, but more often then not, they have apartments in cities in countries.

Several politicians and pundits have likened this attack to Pearl Harbour, calling this ‘an act of war’. Get over it, buddy. There is no similarity here, apart from the fact the US had no idea it was coming, and lots of americans died on American soil. There is not an expanionist empire trying to ward off later attack by cowing a potential enemy. There is not a world war going on. There is no country attacking you that you can declare war on. And for the record, no this does not allow you to bomb ANYONE to oblivion, in the manner of Hiroshima.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance” – John Lennon

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