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This comes from Brishen. From where he got it, I admit, I’m none too sure…:

Over the last few weeks the B.C. Liberal government has quietly cancelled or

suspended millions of dollars worth of important programs around the


There were no news releases. No press conferences. The government is simply

hoping that you won’t notice.

Here’s a list of the cuts they don’t want you to know about:


– new science building at the University of Victoria, which has been planned

for over a year ($28 million)

– community archives grants program, which helps community groups foster the

development of historical records ($175,000)

– a program to provide additional financial support to low-income people

temporarily unable to work for medical reasons; about 4000 British

Columbians would have been helped by the program ($6.8 million)

– two of the province’s six residential tenancy offices, which provide

information and dispute assistance to landlords and tenants, will close in

Vancouver and Nanaimo


– $9.41 million construction of Northwest Community College in Prince Rupert

– $5.31 million expansion of Douglas College in New Westminster

– $10.73 million classroom replacement at University College of the Fraser

Valley’s Chilliwack campus

– $1.37 million in renovations at the College of New Caledonia in Burns Lake

– $1.64 million renovations at University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops

– $1.1 million classroom addition at North Island College in Courtenay

– $3.09 million for the Justice Institute of B.C. in New Westminster

– $3.5 million for Kwantlen College’s Cloverdale site

– $3.37 million for Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek

– $1.9 million for the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook

– a program to support low-income AIDS and cancer patients with an

additional $300 in cash, vitamins and minerals each month ($6 million)

More cuts to important programs are expected. B.C. Finance Minister Gary

Collins has repeatedly downgraded the province’s economic projections,

making it ever more clear that the B.C. Liberal’s reckless tax cuts will not

be able to pay for themselves.

Uh yeah. That’s what I call not cutting education or healthcare too.

Other Campbell news found within 2 minutes of surfing.

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I got these, as well as some others, from going to and doing a search for Gordon Campbell

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