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In the way that memes tend to flow, there’s an article on Salon about a fan edit of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It’s an interesting piece, and raises several questions about what one can and can’t do with a video/DVD once you own it. I appreciated the fact that the original editor apparently did not want to violate copyright laws by mass-distributing their version of the movie.

And the edit sounds appealing –

Twenty minutes have been cut from the original 133, and as a result the film is tighter and faster. Jar-Jar, who has been demoted to an almost silent supporting role, is actually enjoyable. (A different “Phantom Edit” has dubbed over Jar-Jar with an alien voice, giving him subtitled dialogue that turns the gibbering idiot into a wise sage, spouting pearls like “Children and fools ask more questions” and “Pride can blind you from the truth.”) Likewise, young Anakin — whose shouts of “Yahoo!” and “Whoopee!” made many “Star Wars” fans grimace — is a thoughtful, much quieter protagonist.


If anyone has a copy of this edit, I’d love to have a look at it. (I could find it here, but I’m lazy).

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