Wonder Boys

I read Wonder Boys over this past week. I’ve been dying to read something by Michael Chabon since I saw that wonderful cover for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and seen the movie ‘Wonder Boys’, which despite a cast of actors I usually do not like, absolutely adored.
The book, as it so often turns out, is so much more wonderful than the movie. So much darker, slightly more off-kilter and definitely more disturbing. Michael Chabon has wonderful turnings of phrases throughout the book that really subtly, but succinctly build up the characters’ identities. Even the minor players feel slightly more fleshed out. Ironically, these more fleshed out characters’ motivations come across here and there as more mysterious than in the streamlined film, but then – most people are complex enough that you don’t always understand where they’re coming from.

But Wonder Boys comes highly recommended by this narrator.