The Dragon Society

I finised a book called ‘The Dragon Society‘ by Lawrence Watt-Evans. I read this book because I’d read (and enjoyed) ‘Dragon Weather‘, the previous book in the series. In Dragon Weather, I liked the non-standard look at dragons in fantasy, the pacing was good and the characters were well-developed. Dragon Society simply failed on those accounts.
My first problem with it was that it never seemed to start. I expect a certain amount of rehashing of the previous novel in any sequel, but this reiterating continued throughout the book. Worse, it started to reiterated what it had contributed earlier on itself. So it just seemed repetetive. Then, there was almost no action. There was lots and lots and lots of sitting around, thinking about what the protagonist should be doing, but not much happened. Everything of import in the book seemed to happen in the last 20-odd pages, which meant 200-odd pages of introduction, 20 pages of climax, and 2 pages of dénouement. So not a highly recommended book, and one of those fantasy novels I read on occasion that reminds me precisely why I don’t read more fantasy novels.

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