Ice Age

So on Sunday, I saw Ice Age. You may remember seeing trailers, wherein a small rat-like thing causes an avalanche trying to stuff an acorn into the ice? Anyhoo.
Ice Age is a wonderful film. I went, expecting a Sunday movie, wherein time would pass at a slightly different rate than were I at home staring at the window/walls/tv/book. I would be mildly entertained, and would forget moments after exiting the theatre what it was that I had seen. But this was not to be. Ice Age turned out to be a great little movie. Spectacular animation, a very distinct animation style, great slapstick humor and a not-terrible storyline. Like very few other movies, I laughed out loud on several occasions. Like even fewer movies, I could not contain my laughter several times.

If you’re a fan of animation, go see this flick.

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