Brand enthusiasm

So I’m generally loathe to advertise, but:
Macromedia? They’re in my good books. Why?

  • ColdFusion MX (formerly Neo), which I’ve been beta testing for a few months, is amazing. CFC’s are huge and cool. It’s faster, has flash integration, plays well with others, works with Java. It rocks.
  • Flash MX, which I’ve used but once, but have certainly seen nice things done with it, all very cool. I like the CFML integration, the new video (although this could come under fire with the Apple v. Sorenson suit), the new interface, all nice.
  • Dreamweaver MX, super cool. Outputs (so far) perfectly acceptible XHTML code, excellent accessibility support, wonderful new interface.
  • The drawback for each of these? They all consume significantly more resources. Of course, I’m fine with apps wanting 50, 60, 70 MB, but it’s quite the change from the previous versions. Why? I don’t rightly know. But as I have the RAM, all I can say is Yay!

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