Projectionists Locked out again?

So on Sunday, I went to see Spiderman. Which was great, and all that. But what worries me is that outside the SilverCity in Richmond, there were a couple of guys with placards, and it appeared that yet again, the projectionists have been locked out. I seem to remember the lock-out ending sometime last year, so I’m guessing this is a new one, or did not everyone agree to the deal? I don’t know.
I admit, I did go see the film, after driving all the way to Richmond. I can’t find any new news stories about the projectionists being locked out, all the searches so far have resulted in stories from 1999. But I’d like to know, because if this is indeed true, and a widespread lockout, I’ll have to stop seeing films at Famous Players again for a while.
Anyone heard anything?

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