tootin’ my own horn

So I have this calendar app that allows you to browse through a calendar, it highlights today’s date and lets system users enter in event info, which is also highlighted (in a complementary, as opposed to interfering mannar). Up until now, it had been written using table-struture. This proved to be fairly cumbersome. I just rewrote the code, using CSS-1 positioning, and guess what? Code droped from 185 to 19 lines, there’s complete separation from code and view, it’ll be MUCH easier to edit to any one client’s specs (just by changing whatever is needed in the stylesheet). Yay! I rock out. :).

In other news, Netscape 4 will br 5 years old (that’s like 100 in internet years) on June 12th (well, that week). So if you’re using netscape 4 – UPGRADE ALREADY!!! You’ll have a much nicer browsing experience (even at this humble site), and web developers will lose less hair. You don’t even have to upgrade to IE anymore. Opera, Netscape, Mozilla and others all provide excellent-quality browsers these days.

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