Yesterday, I bought Neverwinter Nights. I’ve been waiting for this game since I first heard about it way back in 1998 (possibly even earlier; it has been in development since 1997). Its promise was to be the union of everything I’ve liked about CRPGs and RPGs (wherein C=Computer & RPG=Role Playing Game) in one fantastic package. I doubt it will be all that after a cursory glance through the manual, but still it promises to be fantastic.
But I haven’t played it yet:

  • Last night, I made myself finish some work (link will probably remain pointing at the old site until Monday or Tuesday)
  • and then I went out, as a friend is in town, and well, wouldn’t that be sad to pass up an opportunity to see him in order to play a computer game?
  • Tonight I’ll be playing table-top D&D, which will most likely run from 7:00-ish until I can’t keep my eyes open (at which point I’ll spend another hour driving various folk to their homes around town, but well, I’m the vehicularly-enabled one in the group), and so should most likely sleep upon returning home.
  • Tomorrow, I should help Leah around the house before sitting down to play. Looking around the house, this may be an all-day task, as there are numerous cleaning activities to participate in (sweep? organize? dishes? dust? laundry? etc.).
  • I have a vague sense I’ve agreed to do something tomorrow night also, although I’m at a loss at this moment to what exactly this is

So it appears that I will not get a chance to explore the game until possibly Saturday night/Sunday, at which point the rest of the world will probably cease to exist for several hours. Hopefully, I will remember to go to sleep before Monday morning, at which point I will return to this very seat, possibly with a review for this space.

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