Oh, those wacky Libs!

The Globe is reporting on the CCPA’s report that the BC tax cut did indeed only help the wealthiest British Columbians. The Soapbox Girls had something to do with the Cost Shift Calculator, as they mentioned yesterday.

A highlight:

A family of four with a household income of $35,000 — the median income in B.C. is $30,000 — would lose more than the value of their tax cut just to cover the increased pricetag of medical service plan premiums (a net loss of $359). Daycare or physiotherapy costs would plunge them deep into the hole.

An individual earning $150,000, on the other hand, would still put an additional $4,529 in his bank account even after shelling out for the medical premium increase, an eye exam and physiotherapy treatment, according to the report, which compares the size of B.C. income-tax cuts to the new costs for various income levels and family situations.

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