So today, I joined the NDP. Why?
-well, I believe it is important to participate in the electoral process, despite whatever failings it may have.
-the NDP most closely matches my own beliefs in its party line of any major political party
-Alexa has stepped down, and I swore to not support them until she did, and that I would take part in the process that follows
-I have a candidate of choice, and I want to support him (Jack Leyton, for those interested).
-I’m always all about theory, I thought this would a step towards taking action (I also plan to be active in the upcoming local elections, with an eye to perhaps running not this time, but next time (volunteering and so on and so forth to get an idea of the process)).

I also donated money (membership is free, but it costs the NDP about $10/member signup, I’ve been told), which was my first donation to a political party.

Strangely, all this has left me feeling very patriotic.