I exported, deleted and rebuilt the site from scratch to get around a few problems I’ve been having with the site – using Regular Expression search & replace is much quicker than using MT’s internal search/replace features (even more so as I didn’t know where to look), so processing the exported files through CF Studio was good. There a couple of cosmetic changes that may stay, or may go – I’m undecided as of yet. Hopefully this has fixed the buggy archives.

I still can’t seem to select specific portions of text to copy & paste elsewhere – not entirely sure why, but will investigate. I did fix all sorts of broken spans, divs, etc that should help.

Additionally, all external links now have an “_offsite” target, so they’ll open up in new windows. Again, this may or may not stay – I’m always torn on the new-browser-window thing – it seems contrary to the purpose of the web in some ways, but I know I get annoyed by having to constantly use my back button if I want to follow more than one link from a given site. Let me know what you think.

That’s it.
(non-sequitur follows)
I downloaded & installed the Earth & Beyond Beta last night. Have yet to play (it’s late!) and indeed know next to nothing about the game. But will investigate perhaps this weekend, and depending on any NDAs (haven’t read the terms yet either), I’ll say more about it then.

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