Love & Irony

One uninvited guest of the last 30 years is irony. Life today, as we all know, is constantly self-aware. “The Daily Show” has replaced the evening news. David Foster Wallace has replaced Allen Ginsberg. Reality TV has replaced sitcoms. Advertisement has replaced everything. Irony is anathema to love; it is its opposite. Irony takes a large world and makes it very small, conceals it within a turned phrase; love freezes the world, expands a point into the universe. Lou Reed, who has spanned our generations, sings that love is “turning time around.”

From this Salong article, entitled “Love in the age of irony

I had some long and witty thing (ok. Perhaps not witty. But long), which seems to have disapeared in the saving of this. Instead, I’ll point out that while incredibly short and low on breadth, the analysis of events and coverage on “The Daily Show” often far excedes that on, say, Global news at 11 (I still give the CBC the benefit of the doubt).