The new spam Medium?

I received this as a website comment this morning (it’s an old post):

A new comment has been posted on your blog Tannock.Net, on entry #1456 (Gayometer).

IP Address:
Name: Tobias Metschau
Email Address: [email address removed]


I´m 70 % gay and i´m am pround about this result… but i have got no boyfriend, could you help me please, i need someone to have sex with, i´m loving anal-sex about all…. thank you

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Now, this could be an honest to goodness plea for love & sex. In which case, it is a little sad, and someone please help the boy out (If you’d like to help him out, find the entry and read the original comment to get his email address). But the cynic in me suspects this is not an actual comment, but perhaps my first experience with comments-spam. Which, if you think about it, might be the new thing for companies to do. Troll the blog search engines about whatever, have bots find the comments area, post something. A look at the MT source code would tell you what fields you need to have, and then it’s just a matter of sussing out where users have their comments script to post to it. It’s scary really, this level of targeted advertising. Imagine, say, Ford, trolling for posts about cars—wanting, needing, loving—it doesn’t matter if it talks about cars, then posting some sort of advertisement for a new Ford in the comments, written to sound like some concerned visitor just wants you to be happy and heard about this great deal at Ford (I have no idea whether or not Ford has great deals, it just came to mind as an example).

Has anyone else received any comments they thought might be spam, or have thoughts about the future of comment boxes as spam-receptacles?