As you can probably tell by the ream of posts today, I’m not terribly productive at work today. However, I was just settling down to work, and I resized my 2nd monitor to check out a site in 640 X 480 (note to browser-builders: a handy feature? Resize my window to X dimensions), when I got the horrible blue screen of death. So I restarted. When I restarted, XP gave me that little application-crash pop-up, can I send an error report to Microsoft. So I said sure. And it submitted it, and all of a sudden a browser window opened, telling me that Microsoft was aware of the problem and that NVidia had released an update that addressed this issue. It also provided the link right to the download page where I could get the update. So I downloaded the update, got my new video driver and a hey-ho the derry-o, problem solved, apparently. Also, this new update allows me to rotate my screen. I’m not sure why I’d want my desktop rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees on my laptop, although I can see how that would be cool on a rotatable second monitor.

so yay Windows XP, immediately restoring my fait after my first ever crash.