Hockey Tourney

On Monday night, my hockey ‘team’ had it’s awards night (I use quotes only because we’re really two teams — 20 guys get together every Monday night, divide into two teams and play each other. And every week, there is some cross-over between the rosters), at the Yale Hotel. We met down there because on of the players, Keith, is the manager there, and he was kind enough to offer us a tubfull of free beer (Granville Island too! not some crappy Canadian, or Blue or whathaveyou), so first and foremost, a big ‘THANKS!’ to Keith for that.

We of course watched the game (yech!), and drank lots, but the real purpose was to hand out silly awards, as decreed by our commissioner extraordinaire, Oliver (a shout-out to him too. Maybe a shout-out to all my peeps? ;). I won the ‘Garth Butcher Award’, which was awarded to me for:

For being so darn persistent in the face of so many obstacles, and for his on ice split second decision making, and for generally being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

These being jokey awards, I read this as: ‘he’s not very good, but tries hard, takes far too long to pass or shoot (a common complaint), and never seems to understand what’s going on’, which is probably true. My actual award was a very nicely mounted knife-sharpener, which may actually be useful to me.

In other hockey news, not only was this the end of our hockey season, but also the end of the 2003 ThunderChicken tournament up at UBC. We fielded a team, and our record will show just how skilled we all are: 6-3(loss), 12-1(loss), 10-1(loss), 4-4. Yep. We rocked out, although to be fair, our expected 2 best players didn’t show up. But much fun was had, lessons were learned, etc.

So now I’ve May off to de-smellify my equipment before the summer season starts up in June. By the by, if anyone’s looking for some ice this summer, I believe we’ve some space right now. Drop me a line if you’re interested.