Finding Nemo

I saw Finding Nemo, which was really, really funny, in all the usual ways that Pixar films are — plenty of things for the kids to laugh at, plenty of things for the adults to laugh at. And really beautiful animation of course.

What really got me though, is how, by being set in an ocean, the movie plays on one of my primal fears. Virtually every time there were shots of the two fish in the middle of the ocean, without sea-bed, or some sort of solid object, I began to feel increasingly panicky. The worst was as they’re entering Sydney Harbour, the water is murky and they get lost, swimming in circles. I could feel all my muscles tensing up, my adrenaline going, etc. Why? Because they were lost at sea, surrounded by nothing. I must deeply afraid of being lost in void, where there’s nothing solid, because anytime there was something solid in the frame, this didn’t occur.

I’m such a dweeb — freaking out over an animated children’s film (and possibly, for saying ‘dweeb’)!