Special, For Jocelyn

You asked the other day ‘whuzza howling fantod??’ and verily, I say unto thee:

Read from the Canon of the Oracle named David Foster Wallace, and all shall be revealed. First, shalt thou read from the book of ‘Girl with Curious Hair’, a light, quirky introduction into he that has called forth the fantods. Second shalt thou read the tome ‘Infinite Jest’ in which the very words are used, and thou shalt be surprised and amazed by the inifinity of information contained within. For the third, shalt thou consume ‘A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again’, in which certain truths about the real world are exposed, and with finality, shalt thou read ‘Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’, the most current of his pennings, as I am aware.

It is possible that I have mistook the volume from whence were uttered those prophetic words, in which I case I ask only charity from my faithful readers when correcting my egregious error, and further sympathy for Jocelyn, who once had IJ in her possession, but it was snatched up by her boyfriend, and then we demanded it be returned before she could enjoy it herself.

(ok. I’ve no idea what prompted the faux-flowery shit. But it felt fun at the end of a long and brain-breaking day, despite it’s garbageness. And, J, you can borrow any of the above books at any time)