Australian Breasts

Leah and I saw ’21 Grams’ last night (more on that in a later post). Naomi Watts stars in that, and has a nude scene (as does Sean Penn, to be fair). As a warning, this is probably not the most ‘PC’ of posts.

What was most noticeable was that she had some of the largest, pointiest nipples I’ve ever seen, while her breasts are not so large. While discussing this at dinner, Leah came up with a theory about Australian breasts: That while they are smallish, the size of breast is more than compensated for by the size of the nipple. This theory is based on breasts of Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman & Elle MacPherson, who are the only Australian women either of us have seen topless, as best as we could recall. Although, when I was in Australia, I did notice that overall, women seemed to have smaller breasts. Which is probably related to the fact that the vast majority of women looked sportier, or at least in better shape than the vast majority of women here.

So my question to the world is: does this theory hold true? Any known exceptions (or other adherents)? etc.