Another small iTunes quibble

So here’s two things I’d like to see in future versions of iTunes:

  1. If I add album cover art for a song, I’d like that to automatically apply across all songs on the same album. Ideally, there’d be a little interface that says ‘add to:’ and lists all the songs on the album, along with their artist (just in case there’s some cock-up somewhere, or you don’t want to add it to everything). Because it’s a real pain in the ass to add album art song by song. (I’ve no idea if this happens automatically when you rip an album through iTunes — I’ve never done that. But it would be useful for making your existing, or imported music collection prettier).
  2. The second thing I’d like to see is to have an option to retrieve information for an artist/album/song, etc, from a master iTunes library. This would include such things as Composer, Date, Album Art, BPM, etc. All the fields in the song info screen. When downloading this information, it could be flagged as either ‘confirmed’ or ‘unconfirmed’. Confirmed means that Apple has confirmed that the information is correct. Apple could then either a) hire some lackeys to do this or b)Have some volounteers do this. I’m sure there’s some folk out there who’d be willing to officiate song information in exchange for, say, some free iTunes downloads. If you try and get info for a song that’s not in the library, you’d get a chance to upload the information. Kind of like the CDDB thing, only with more info, and hopefuly with more accuracy.

I wonder if there’s an iTunes features suggestion box somewhere? anyone know?