Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed!

So this movie is, for the most part, just as good as the first one (which if you haven’t see, you should: it’s got pop(-culture)-intelligent feminism and horror and camp and satire and Canadiana), if a little different. It follows horror convention by being darker and upping the bodycount from its predecessor. It’s also suitably ‘older’, as several years have passed since the first one. B(rigitte) is all alone, her sister dead.

There is, of course, another werewolf on the loose, looking for her. This indirectly leads to her being locked up in some sort of juvy-hall/detox centre. There’s of course some funny double-entrendres relating to the whole drug-abuse vs. staving of lycanthropy, and your usual cast of rehab-ward inmates and wardens.

I personally, not being a horror movie fan, and generally being a ‘fraidy-cat, found this movie quite scary (significantly more so than the first, in fact. That it took place within the confines of a hospital-like setting certainly helped), but also engrossing. I wanted to cower and hide my head, and at the same time, couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Most importantly, Leah, who chose the movie, really enjoyed it. I suspect this means that we’ll end up owning the Ginger Snaps trilogy when all three are out on video, but that wouldn’t be so bad.

So go see this film, and not just because it’s Canadian.

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