You are Beautiful

Today, when it’s cool and misty, the air so water logged droplets appear spontaneously at all altitudes, today is my favourite kind of day in Vancouver. With steam rising up off the trees in Stanley park and the water of False Creek, an even grey light casting an even, urban glow on our fair city. Vancouver is one of those rare cities that not only looks good in rain, but may even look better. I’ve a theory that there are 3 kinds of architecture in the world: Sunlight, cloudlight and citylight. A building is designed to look good in one, and only one kind of light. Some thought is given to the others, but rarely does a building look good in even two of three. Vancouver, given its climate, is a prime candidate for cloudlight architecture, and we have a lot of it. Coming across the Granville Bridge this morning, with the austere grey rise of the Broadway Corridor on my left and the muted earth-tone forest of towers in the West End, I was just strucj by just how good the city looks while wet. Frame all that against the ephemeral North Shore mountains as they stealthily lie waiting behind cloud cover, the odd peak or shadow flitting across our vision, and it is truly a wonder to behold.

So, Vancouver, you are beautiful today.

update: my horoscope for today, which I just read, is:

You could be drawn to spending time in or near water, STEVE. The energy of the day will inspire you to connect with this wet element. Perhaps you would enjoy walking near a lake or a river. Even if you just take a long, hot soak in a bathtub, you’ll enjoy it! The element of water is refreshing and healing, so tap into its energy today.

So no wonder I was so happy in the misty rain this morning!

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