1. Last night, while driving from Kits to the West End, I witnissed two accidents. The first occurred at Beach & Pacific: I was waiting on Beach to turn left onto Pacific, when a car turning left onto beach from Pacific crashed into a car going straight on Pacific. This of course jammed the intersection. I, however, managed to scoot alongside, and go up Bute, and turn into the alley to loop around back down onto Pacific. Then, I turned right onto Pacific from the next block, to continue on my merry way to Denman. A small mazda that had followed me, decided he could turn right also, withou stopping to look, apparently, as he turned right onto Pacific and was sideswiped by the car coming straight along Pacific. It was quite stressful and exciting, all these accidents around me.

2. Last Night, I went to go watch _Day play hockey, as well as watch the Canucks. I’m apparently a good luck charm for Day’s team. I subbed in twice this season with them, and was there for a win and a tie (I think their only ones of the season, I’m not sure). Last night, their playoff game (for second-last or last place in the league), they trounced their opponent in convincing fashion. Seeing as I’d like to join the league next season, maybe this will convince them that I should play with them 😉

3. Last night’s Daily Show interview was extraordinarily boring. Every once in a while, he gets a complete dud that he can’t rescue, and last night was one of them.

4. A week ago last night, I saw Franz Ferdinand at Richard’s on Richards. It was a fantastic show, they’re an excellent band, I highly recommend them. Sometime soon, I’ll upload the pictures from the show. I’m getting better with the camera – these ones are less blurry. I may yet simply break down and use the flash, but I’m so close!

5. This has been Pencilneck Software‘s most productive week ever, and why I’ve been so quiet lately. All of our contractors are busy as they can be (most have day jobs) and Jeff and I have been working 12+ hour days to keep up. Fortunately it’s all profitable work, but it’s made me a tired boy, and thus no posts.

6. Out of this week has come Pencilcase 3.1, a round of signifcant bug fixes to the recent 3.0 release, including a massive GUI overhaul. We’ve gone from being good but looking cheap to now have a look (that I feel) matches the quality of the product. We’re now ready for marketing collateral.

7. Finally, made live yesterday, is the new Law Courts Education Society of BC website, one of the larger projects we’ve worked on to date. Now all I have to do is finish 3 other sites that are supposed to launch this week (one of which I’ve yet to start) and get a start in on 2 more that I hope to finish next week. Sadly, I suspect I’ll be working all weekend. On the other hand, business is booming and that’s nice.

7.1. If you know of any Cold Fusion/MS SQL/XHTML/CSS/Java (any combination thereof) developers out there looking to pick up some contract work, or are yourself one, please let me know, as we’re in the market for more help. Just a caution, we’re only looking for people with professional experience — no students at the moment. If you’re a student, we’ll be looking through the various co-op programs soon-ish, for the fall perhaps, or if not, next year.

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  1. yeah, wasn’t that daily show terrible? i didn’t really even watch it, just stayed on the computer because it was so annoyingly normal.

  2. for the record, we won 3 games and tied3 more without steve in attendance… he’s still pretty lucky for us…

  3. for the record, we won 3 games and tied3 more without steve in attendance… he’s still pretty lucky for us…

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