MD-Day Panel: The aftermath

So today was, in fact, the MD-Day panel. And I have to say, I felt like such a fraud: Up there with me was Emira, Ms. Communications Degree Herself, and Jeff, a publishied columnist in both mainstream & alternative media & Iva is doing an mPub (as well as an mSc – physics, little miss smarty-pants!), so also, well qualified to talk about this subject. Then there’s me, whose sole qualification is that he has a blog, which, given as today’s topic was alternative News, this site sure doesn’t qualify (because let me tell you: if you’re here for news, well, I’m not sure what to do for you).

And of course, despite the fact there was I think 6 audience members, I’m incredibly nervous talking in front of people, and when I’m nervous my back starts to sweat, and then I get nervous that people can see me sweat, which makes me sweat more, and well, I have to say, I was quite uncomfortable up there for a little while.

But and so, I got over that, and I think that despite all of the above, it went quite well and I certainly hope to see/talk/correspond with the other panelists in the future – like (surprisingly) most people I’ve met through blogging, they seemed quite interesting. I have a feeling we weren’t really helping anyone in the audience much, but perhaps I should think on the panel more like I do my site: I do it for me, for my friends/fellow panelists and the audience, while nice, and great to hear from, really is in many ways, incidental to the process.