Maisonneuve Media Scout

So I thought I’d share a link to a great Canadian news source – not online, but via email: The Maisonneuve Media Scout email service. I’ve been a subscriber since Brishen told me about Maisonneuve, and I subsequently looked it up online. But then Jeff, whom I met doing the panel, forwarded me a mailing and reminded me just how great it is, and seeing as I’ve been complaining recently about sucky online Canadian news, I thought I’d pass this along.

Media Scout (you can subscribe by clicking on the link at the left-hand side of the Maisonneuve site) is a summary of top News stories in Canadian media, along with some brief commentary. It’s email, not web, but hey – still the World Wide Internet! Plus, it’s HTML-formatted, so we can pretend. At any rate, I highly recommend this news service to all and anyone interested in, well, the news.

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