Week 15

Leah, at 15 weeksSo now we’ve been putting up with you for a whole 15 weeks inside your mum. After a few weeks of difficulty, things seem to be getting better: your mum’s not nearly so cranky and better yet, her nausea seems to have subsided. On the downside, it appears that you’re beginning to compress her bladder now, as she has to pee all the time! (and I suppose now is nothing compared to what it’ll be like in a few months).

This past weekend we were away with some of our friends at a party in Victoria, where I, and everyone else, got to drink and be merry, but Leah was a little excluded because, well, we’d like you to show up healthy, and her not drinking, or eating deli meats, or unpasteurized cheeses are some of those sacrifices we need to make. It also brought up the issue of isolation once you’re around.

See, we neither of us see friends that much. I think I see more people than Leah, but I do this at clubs, seeing bands, and the like. And I imagine that I won’t be able to do that for a while once you’re born – that whole having to be 19 to get in thing – I’m good, but I don’t think I can make you a fake ID quite yet (remind me that I said that when you’re, oh, 16 or so, and I’ll deny it!). And Leah, well, Leah doesn’t really see a lot of people at all. Our friends Guy & Jess, sure, but apart from that, not so much. And so I think she’s keenly aware that she may well be quite isolated once you’re around, as, well, who’ll she see? And I don’t know the answer to that. Hopefully, your mum will meet some nice people in her prenatal exercise classes, or we’ll meet some nice folks when taking birthing classes, or whatever it is we’ll be taking in the new year.

Much of me hopes that our friends will actually want to see us, with baby, and we’ll be able to go an hang out at their place for a few hours, or have them over, or whatnot. We discovered that one couple we know, a really fabulous couple whom I’ve never got to know nearly so well as I’d liked, are trying to get pregnant themselves. If they manage to do that in the next few months, you and their kid will be of a similar age, and thus at (presumably) similar development levels, and we’ll be able to share, commiserate, etc together. But that’s maybe a pipe-dream.

Financially, things are starting to look up for me. I could well be looking at my best year yet, at Pencilneck, given how much we have out in quotes at the moment. Combined with an ever-shrinking load of monthly payments, and I’m starting to believe that I can afford you, and will even be able to spoil you from time to time, or at least put away money for your future.

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