Dreams about Flying

Do you have flying dreams? Day, Ted and I were talking about them last night, and we all have them. While for each of us, we dream essentially the same dream every time, the nature of each of our dreams is vastly different.

Ted, if I recall correctly, when flying in his dreams, is usually in some sort of archaic/futuristic device with large bolts, and the machine is often in some state of disrepair.

Day, on the other hand, appears to be locked into some sort of elevator-type thing – when he flies, it’s only straight up or down. An additional interesting fact is that there are always power lines above him, even when he’s 100s of metres up in the air.

When I dream about flying, it’s more like the Silver Surfer. I’m wearing some sort of high-tech body suit that somehow makes use of every muscle in my body to power this flying surfboard. It’s incredibly tiring and stressful to have every muscle in your body worked at once. Normally when I have this dreams, I wake up tense, exhausted, sore and quite often, drenched in sweat, as if I really have been working every muscle in my body.

Do you have flying dreams? What are yours like? Do you have any interpretation for any of our dreams?