“Progresive” Small Business Guides

I’m wondering if anyone has any information about progressive employment policies, standards, etc. And I mean as opposed to what is normally found in manuals and books about running a small business. See, we’ve just hired someone, and will probably be shortly hiring some more, and so it’s incumbent upon us to get our ducks in a row, vis à vis policies on: termination, holidays, sick leave, benefits, outside contracting, etc, etc. And the books and sites that I’ve read so far are horrifying, and seem entirely based on bottom-line calculations for employers, rather than mixtures of “corporate good will”, or “social responsibility” to their employees. And it’s horribly depressing. And if I want Pencilneck to be able to offer better alternatives, I need to be able to argue intelligently, and with extant business scenarios to back me up.

So, dear Internet, should you know of any books/guides/etc I should read (or if your own company has good policies that you think I would do well to emulate), please, please, let me know what they are?

(Caveat: Pencilneck is a Canadian company, so I’m mostly interested in Canadian guides and policies. Having leafed through the “normal” American guides, they’re different enough to not be terribly useful. As well as making me thank my lucky stars not to be a peon in some U.S.-based corporation)

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