How’d They Do that?

So I was checking out the PGA Championship podcast (not because I love golf, because I don’t, but because I read about it at What do I know?). And I had a rare “how’d they do that?” moment. Which is the following: while listening to the podcast, the image changes to profile the golfer in discussion, as well as the link changes to that golfer’s page on the site. Now, I’m the first to admit that I know next to nothing about the process of creating a podcast. But that just blows my mind that you can do that. Brishen told me that it’s some sort of bookmark that you can create for the podcast, but how that’s encoded in the audio file is what makes my jaw drop.

But I’m quickly getting up to speed on how podcasts are created, indexed, linked, etc, as a pair of clients now have expressed interest in add podcasts to their site. And because I’m the consultant, I have to be an expert. So I think I’ll download some podcast creation software and learn how to make this work. Maybe I’ll add an incredibly amateurish one here for good measure 😉

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