This is what makes everything worthwhile

Liam, smiling huge

Liam is now three months old. He’s an enormous child: he fits comfortably into clothes for 6 month olds, and clothes for 3 month olds are almost always too small (far more than adult clothes, there’s no real standards in children’s sizing it appears). He’s a pretty happy child, most of the time. When he smiles, his entire face lights up and he opens his mouth wide in the huge grin you can see above. It’s just about the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, seeing Liam smile.

They say that for preemies, you should however much they were early by onto the post-birth development cycles. While Liam wasn’t preemie, he did show up two weeks earlier than expected. And per the axiom, he generally seems to be about 2 weeks behind what the books say, developmentally. Essentially, we note the milestones on the half-month, not on the month. Of course, there are no strict schedules for child development, but for things that books say you’ll start seeing by two months? We were seeing them by two-and-a-half months. Now, just past his 3-month birthday, Liam has finally started cooing and chirping with regularity. He holds long conversations with the fish on his swing, and it’s just so adorable. When we’re out, he does as much as he can to peer out the sides of the Baby Bjorn, and he’ll cooo and strangers he meets. He definitely likes colorful things and patterns, and when he’s left alone, or has nothing interesting to look at, he gets this “bored now” look on his face, and will pout, which is also, of course, so adorable to me. D’you think I might be a little biased?

For those who dont’t click on the photo above, there’s a small album of photos from the last week, around his 3-month date. There’s also a collection of photos from our trip to the Sunshine coast a month ago, with my folks.

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