Weekend Round-up

It’s been a quiet, busy week around here, so not much in the posting. Nevertheless, the odd thing has happened:

  • It was my birthday last Monday – I turned 28. I now have slightly less than two years to write an oscar-winning screenplay, reinvent the Canadian Novel, win a pulitzer and, of course, retire wealthy. I may have to postpone one or two of those plans, I suspect. I also finally got to see The 40-year old Virgin, which I’d been wanting to see since it came out. It really was as great as I’d been told. So nice to see the subject handled with such, well, delicacy and love, really.
  • The whole Liam not being comforted by me at night? It’s become farcical. He only has to see me in his room at night, and he starts getting worked up. Once he sees Leah? Calm. Me? Upset. There was a postive move last night, when neither of us could get him to go sleep. He was quite happy to bundle into the Baby Bjorn (FYI – for any potential parents? I can’t recommend this thing enough. It’s the best thing we’ve bought, in my opinion.) and I wandered around the West End until he dozed off. He stayed asleep when I laid him down in his crib, and stayed asleep for a few hours after that. Yay!
  • We (Pencilneck), launched our new site this week, which I feel is a vast improvement over our old one. Due to various constraints, we designed it in-house, but I think we did a decent job. I’d certainly appreciate any constructive criticism of it. We’re still adding and editing the content a little bit, but the design is there. Our clients now have their own private-access area, where we’ll post things like important dates, news relevant to them, archive contract documents, etc. You know, your standard client extranet.
  • Liam is now 5 months old, having turned so on Friday. He’s discovered that he has feet, and they are amazing things That Must Be Tasted. He’s also much improved on his tummy, and I suspect he’s not that far off the first hints of crawling. But otherwise, he remains his adorable, happy self. He’s got a slew of new clothing we’ve picked up via Craigslist, as he keeps outgrowing his old stuff – he remains a very large baby. And yes, he still looks like me. I don’t thave the photos here (they’re on my work computer), but I’ll pop some more of him, as he looks now, later next week.

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