We are the Champions (Again)

So last night, my ultimate team, TJ’s Hookers defeated Ultimate Tease (possibly Ultimate T’s) 15-13 to win the division championship for the second year in a row. This year, we won Div 5, last year, Div 7 (both of 7). So way to go us! As the score indicates (you play ultimate to 13, but you must win by 2), this was a really, really close game. Probably the best game I’ve played in for years, with lots of great, hard work, good spirit and see-sawing momentum.

(Unrelated side note: when I went to fill up with gas late last night, because I didn’t have enough in my account to pre-authorize a fill-up, I tried to pre-pay, only to discover I couldn’t set a pre-pay amount at the pump. Assuming that I then had to go inside to pre-pay, I did, only to be told that the station had changed policy, and I could no longer pre-pay a set amount. Which, given the recent gas-and-dash incidents and rising gas prices, seems astoundingly dumb to me. Were I in charge, I would make everyone pre-pay when filling up at night, for safety reasons.)

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