Stupid Browser-dependent websites

So today, I tried to buy tickets to see The Shins, playing here in February. As per usual, I was using Firefox. All was going well. I searched for tickets, and asked for 4 tickets, and was informed that 4 were available. I then had to edit my billing address in order to buy the tickets, because I’ve moved since I last used Ticketmaster. And it simply would not allow me to update my billing info using Firefox. It kept coming back saying there was an error, only it wouldn’t say what the error was. And there was nothing wrong with the info I’d filled out on the form. So I said “screw it!” and went in with IE. And when I looked for tickets, there were none left. So because Ticketmaster’s site isn’t fully Firefox compatible, I don’t get to see The Shins.

Not all is lost, however. I am going to see Neko Case, for whose show I was able to purchase tickets after editing my billing info in IE. A pretty decent consolation prize. And cheaper too!

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