The Sickness, it is boring me now

A couple of weeks ago, I missed a couple days of work with the flu. For, perhaps, the first time ever, I think. I’ve certainly taken sick days before, but in my recollection, not while actually being sick. It sucked. As a result, work since then has been rather busy, trying to catch up. Better than it could otherwise have been, as having productive employees meant that they were able to keep the ball rolling in my absence. Which is wonderful. However, since then, I’ve been more or less constantly sick. After the flu, I had a few days of mind-bogglingly painful stomach cramps. I don’t know why or how – just as I was about to go to the doctor, they went away again. Then I got a cold again, a nice sinus infection which led to me having to go home an lie down yesterday with just a brutal migraine-like headache: even the light filtered through my bedroom curtains was hurting my eyes, the noise of my keyboard was making my head pound, and the bus ride home, I thought each shake of the bus was going to cause me to lose my un-eaten lunch. So I went home yesterday too. My headaches gone today, but now I’m completely stuffed up, and my head still feels about 10 lbs too heavy. Which sucks for mulitple reasons, but today it sucks the most because tonight is the first game of the playoffs for my hockey team, and I wish I was feeling more excited about the prospect of playing.

My current plan is to take some Sudafed shortly before the game, and then hope it lasts long enough. I’ll also bring kleenex to the bench, and will just hope I continue to feel well enough to contribute to the game. If not, I’ll pack it in and watch from upstairs.

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