French (and other) accents in Mac OS X

So I only just learned this, and so thought I’d pass it along for others, and also, as a handily searchable record for myself, so here’s the list:

  • Accent Grave (à): option + ` – followed by the letter
  • Accent Aigu (é): option + e – followed by the letter
  • Accent Circonflex (ô): option + o – followed by the letter
  • Cédille: (ç): option + c
  • Tréma (ü): option + u – followed by the letter

Some other useful codes:

  • ellipses (…): option + :
  • n-dash (–): option + –
  • m-dash (—): option + shift + –

generally, if you’re looking for a special code, hold the option key and start pressing around. I’ve tried to find a comprehensive list on the apple support site without luck. So happy typing!

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