Wanted: A twitter/comment plugin combo

When I post an entry (such as this one), I have a wordpress plugin (called Twitter Tools) that sends out a tweet (meta-linking update: like this) telling everyone that I’ve posted something. To manage comments, I use Disqus, which, amongst other systems, allows people to authenticate at twitter to then post a comment. Which is nice, and I like it.

But! Sometimes, seemingly more often than not, people will @-reply to me on twitter with a comment on my post. And I will often @-reply someone else about their post (that was announced on twitter). So here’s what I want:

  1. When I post an entry that sends a tweet, capture and store the ID of the tweet that I sent.
  2. Whenever someone @-replies or retweets that stored tweet, aggregate that to the comment-section of my blog, so that the entire related conversation is visible in one place.
  3. For bonus points, given that everything I post is also pushed as a post to Facebook & everything I tweet ends up as a status update on there too, it would be great to extract any responses to those as well, in the comments section of my site.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

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  1. One reason I don't bother running a blog/website (anymore) is because most people I know wouldn't bother going there regularly. People I know do, however, comment on things I post via Twitter, Facebook, and Buzz (exclusively used to re-post my tweets and Google Reader shared items). But they're not all using the same services, so I potentially end up with 3 different segregated conversations about one post.

    If I could have what you are proposing, I could finally realize that dream of having one place to rule them all — everything I post PLUS every comment thread they spawn unified in one place, but also accessible to everyone using whatever service they choose to use to consume my feed.

    Until then, I continue to treat Twitter and Facebook (and Buzz) as separate (and often redundant) ecosystems.

    P.S. I see two checkboxes below this comment box to “Share this comment” on Twitter and Facebook. What would that do? I can't click them because I don't have a Disqus account.

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